Every experience is a new lesson, just make sure you learn it.



I have an extreme exam in about 9 hours, and i can’t sleep or study right now. I am basically fucked. This exam is potentially worth 60 percent of my final grade for this class, depending on the class average. When i should be studying, or sleeping if i was well prepared but im not and here i am ON TUMBLR of all the things i could be doing to help myself out. The thing about being in vancouver is that i’m not close enough with anyone yet where i can just call them and up and say i need there body to practice. It makes me miss poco a bit, everything was just so much more convenient and here everyone is so spread out. I guess i just need to man up and study my nuts off in the next 5-6 hours because i need to go get a haircut before my exam, which sounds weird. It makes more sense to just study or sleep then get my haircut after right? WRONG i need to get some of that pseudo-confidence before my test. If i do end up passing which at this point i have no faith in myself, i will buy everyone who reads this Mcdonalds. 

I’ve always wanted to, but never have gone overboard. Even if it is about going to the casino it’s usually just about winning enough to pay my bills, maybe pay for school. This new financial marketing job has changed my mindset and it is always hard to leave there without a huge smile. I get to learn about finance, i get to work my own hours, i get to help people better their lives and provide for their family more. On top of all that i can make almost an infinite amount of money if i work hard enough. It feels incredible to dream big and for once not have reality come down with its self righteous fist and crush my faith to do better for myself, my family and anyone else I can.

I’ve come across a couple situations of couples going on breaks and it made me think. Do i not care about relationships? i always want them and im happy in them, but when they are over I seem to just move on. Whether I’m the dumper or the dumpee, i just tend to continue with life. I always see my friends or acquaintances that come out of break ups really upset. I understand where they are coming from but at the same time, most of the people i know aren’t at the age of serious commitment. I’m just getting into my prime and right now that last thing i want is a SERIOUS relationship. It just confuses me how people even think about marriage at this age, it makes me realize why the divorce rate in north america is so high…